It is important to remain teachable and down-to-earth in this profession and realize that there is still more to learn. When you step down from the platform with the trophy, you have come back down to a level where a new challenge awaits!
— Frank DiLeo, Director & Founder of DiLeo's School

DiLeo’s School program is carefully planned for and dedicated to each student’s personalized training.  Current industry trends and techniques are featured in thisprogram.  This program is updated to maintain parity with the latest trends in methods, equipment’s, facilities, and academic curricula.  This ensures the educational growth of staff and students.

We make a regular practice of keeping up with our professional community be scheduling appearances from leading stylists and technicians.  This industry is a vocation that offers students the possibility of a rewarding career.  The remuneration depends only on the individual’s talent, effort, and ability.  Men and women have equal opportunities to advance in this industry.

If you are interested in enrollment or more information, please call 203 723 1230. or visit us at 164 Meadow, St. Naugatuck, CT.